We help to build communities that are healthier, more resilient, with small environmental and energy use footprint.  We customize our services to meet customer requirements.  Services range from $5K to $75K.  Contact us today to get started.  

Spatial Quest offers services for:

  • project management
  • market research
  • applied research
  • web site development
  • social media management
  • communications and marketing
  • magazine production, audio and video production
  • event coordination and facilitation of training workshops/exercises
  • geospatial consulting, web services design, asset inventorying, and map production services
  • consulting on community energy planning, energy technologies and services, demand side initiatives
  • consulting on environmental, health, resiliency, energy and municipal planning best practices, policies, and initiatives
  • grant proposals and fundraising

Spatial Quest also helps clients to leverage location data, for example customized maps in reports, on websites, for training workshops, in desktop GIS software and online.  To assess customer’s needs / identify solutions, Spatial Quest uses RM-ODP viewpoints:

  1. Enterprise Requirements
  2. Information Requirements
  3. Computation Requirements
  4. Engineering Requirements
  5. Technology Requirements  

Spatial Quest aims to provide web based subscriptions/features in the future, to minimize the time, effort, and cost to access maps - facilitating exchange between data producers and consumers.  Spatial Quest aims to develop a Geospatial Services Brokerage using OGC standard based web services (see to support applications in health, environmental / disaster reduction, and community energy planning domains.  This will include subscription services to access, publish, exchange, integrate, and visualize geospatial data within each community-of-practice.