About Us

                                            City of Fredericton, New Brunswick

                                            City of Fredericton, New Brunswick

Our Mission is to build healthier, resilient, smart energy communities by using location information.  We help communities build a spatial understanding of critical areas like energy, health, environment and disaster risk reduction.

Our team has over 15 years of experience in Atlantic Canada.  We design and deliver high-quality projects, workshops/events, community plans, studies, maps, websites, surveys, and more.  Our clients include local, provincial, and federal governments, utilities, private sector, non-profits, and research institutes.  We customize our services to meet customer needs and domain requirements.  We can support customers (including with maps) in domains of: 

  1. health (chronic and infectious disease prevention, PH resource management, local/international exercises); 
  2. environment (air quality, GHG emissions, climate change impacts, ecosystem change);
  3. safety (pandemic/climate change preparedness, resilience planning, disaster risk reduction, emergency response); 
  4. energy (community energy planning, demand side initiatives), and
  5. community sustainability (stakeholder engagement, asset mapping, planning).

Vision: Improved spatial quotient of communities-of-practice e.g. health, safety, environment, energy.

Spatial Quest believes communities have a “spatial quotient” – similar to an IQ or “Intelligence Quotient”.  Through improved awareness of the relationships of phenomenon across space and time:

  1. Health Researchers and Policy Makers can help to reduce impacts of chronic, infectious and climate sensitive diseases,
  2. Environmental Researchers and Policy Makers can help to improve understanding and protection of ecosystems and human systems which depend on them,
  3. Public Safety organizations can improve situational awareness, preparedness, response, and recovery to emerging risks (e.g. natural hazards),
  4. Energy industry and utilities can achieve energy cost reduction, efficiency, GHG emissions reduction targets,
  5. Communities can plan for sustainability, resilience, socio-economic development, or other local targets.

As an individual member of OGC, our CEO is working toward advancement of domain-specific initiatives:

Spatial Quest is located at PlanetHatch, in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Follow us on Twitter: Eddie Oldfield, CEO @MappingResearch and @SpatialQuest

As an individual member of OGC, our CEO is working toward advancement of domain-specific initiatives:

  • Energy & Utilities (Spatial Data Infrastructure)
  • Smart Cities  (SDI and information framework)
  • OGC Health Domain Working Group, related interoperability initiatives; and
  • working with partners to identify and respond to specific marketplace requirements in Canada.